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Present Day Tokyo
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A Sailor Moon role playing game set in present day tokyo
Galaxia has been defeated and healed; Tokyo was once again in it's calm, peaceful resolve. The senshi returned to their daily lives and did their utmost to live as normal teenage girls. Surely they had the right to do so, after saving the Earth once again. Would the peace last?

A year has passed since the defeat of Galaxia. The Senshi have returned to their normal lives and everyone is content and happy. Everything is as it should be.

Or is it?

A stranger has come to Tokyo, his intentions dark. What sinister plans does he have for the Senshi?

Will they be able to overcome this new Evil? Will the outer senshi hear the call for battle again? What new situations will arise?

Wanna know? Join Present Day Tokyo and find out :D

This RPG is rated R for sexual situations, etc. :D


This is an AU storyline

Please remember to roleplay on the boards only. If you want to share other SM related things, please go to other communities as this is for an RPG.

Be kind to each other :) If there is a problem, please either see a mod or PRIVATELY contact the person you have a problem with to settle the situation. We don't want drama here.

The community is MEMBERS ONLY so please make sure that all your posts are friends locked for Members Only.

If you are interested in joining, please figure out which character you would like to be and fill out the application process listed below.

Have fun! :)

Characters needed

Makoto/Sailor Jupiter
Rei/Sailor Mars
Setsuna/Sailor Pluto
Ami/Sailor Mercury : Currently being Temped
Minako/Sailor Venus : Currently being temped
Mamoru chiba-open
Interested in joining? Apply here

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